Are You Willing To Stick, Stand, and Stay?

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The willingness and the power of sticking with God, standing on His Word, and staying in His will is peculiar. While it may be easy to say “I have the power to stick, stand and stay” aloud; it isn’t just as easy to do. Today I want to remind you that there’s a blessing in sticking with God.

The situation of Naomi and Ruth is very fitting for this topic. Naomi lost her husband and her two sons unexpectedly. This was a very detrimental time for her and her daughter in laws. They were not prepared for their life to change so drastically. If you’ve ever lost a loved one then I’m sure you can understand the pain these women were experiencing.

The interesting thing about Ruth was she knew Naomi didn’t have any more sons that she could marry. She was even aware that Naomi didn’t have anything to give her. But Ruth stuck with Naomi, even when Naomi insisted she leave. What did Ruth know that Orpah didn’t know? Why did Ruth stick and stay with Naomi considering the situation?

I believe it was Ruth’s honor for her mother in law that compelled her to stay. Have you ever been in a situation and it looked as if you should leave God’s side and go back to your old way of doing things? I’m sure we all have. I believe this situation with Naomi and Ruth is so symbolic of what happens when we stick with God through the storm.

Ruth ended up marrying Boaz because she decided to stick with Naomi. If you’re in a storm right now, be like Ruth and stick, stand, and stay with God. It may seem like God doesn’t hear you. It may seem like God isn’t going to show up. But always remember that our God will never forsake us nor abandon us. Stick it out and remember that you shall reap the reward if you don’t give up!


Until next time my friend,

Bishop Clarence Langston

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