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Be Full of God’s Grace and Give Others a God Gracious Experience

Whatever You Are Full of Will Flow Out of You

Have you ever felt a nudge in your spirit to be nice or compassionate to someone who’s only mean to you? I have a testimony of this. I use to have a boss who wasn’t fond of me. I remember God asking me to show mercy to this man. Not only was I asked to show mercy but God was specific about how he wanted me to bless my boss. John 3:16 teaches us why this example is the will of God. For God so loved the world… it doesn’t just say the believer.

At this moment God was showing me that the love, mercy, and grace I was experiencing is for everyone, even if they’re not nice. He was also showing me that I had a responsibility to love people even more because I was now a child of His. Jesus brought the promise of unconditional love, hope, and eternal life to every person who believes in Him. We must understand this.

So in order to give others the life that God has given us, we have to be filled with His unconditional love and grace. Because, if you are not filled with His unconditional love, whatever you are full of is what is going to flow out.

Stop Measuring Yourself to Everyone Else

One thing we must avoid is comparison. We all use mirrors because they help us see what we look like on the outside. Mirrors also have the ability to deceive us. After a while, we can become more concerned with how we look on the outside versus the inside. But the Word of God is a true reflection of what God purposed us to be.

Jesus is the Word manifested in flesh. It’s imperative that we understand He came to deliver flesh. The bible lets us know that there is no good thing in our flesh. This means God loved us despite our flesh when He sent Jesus to die for us. In our flesh, He knew and knows that we are a mess, especially without a savior. Sometimes we forget because we have been saved a little while but we must always remember God’s saving grace.

We find ourselves trying to mirror something instead of becoming what God has called us to be. In God there is liberty, there’s freedom. Some of us got saved and we put away our worldly way of doing things but we picked up our churchy ways. In doing that, we lose focus on the purpose of salvation. God does not save us from ourselves and the world to be deep. He saves us to be a witness to others of Gods goodness despite of oneself.

God wants them to get this message because He knows that they have a deadline. He knows that every man and woman that has been born has an end date in their life. God wants to save everyone just like He saved you and me.


We have a responsibility saints. A responsibility to love and to witness.



Until next time my friend,


Bishop Clarence Langston

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