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Believe and You Shall Recieve

It is imperative that your expectation is built up concerning God’s ability. There seems to be a lot of people who fear prospering. How can you believe God for everything and then be scared when He wants to give it to you? To be prosperous means to be whole in every area of your life. It means to have more than enough. You can’t bless anybody if you don’t have more than enough. That is why Jesus told His disciples in the book of Mark, to believe that all things are possible. If you believe all things are possible then you will receive according to your belief. You have too much power to stress about the cares of this world. Praise God and make up in your mind that you will have the Hebrews 11:1 kind of faith—that right now faith!

There are secrets and mysteries of Heaven that God releases to His children. He releases a word to the men and women of God who have been called by Him. When you know the secrets of Heaven you know that is coming ahead of you so that revelation should make it easier for you to move by faith. God gives His servants–the prophets, a message for you so that your steps will be ordered according to His will for your life. However, there is an expectation of you to believe it and receive it by faith!

We must believe that God has given authority to His servants so we may prosper! You need to understand today that your life is not a mishap nor an accident. I am here to let you know that your best days are ahead of you. Have an expectation, believe on his prophets, don’t quit, don’t stop, and don’t give in!

Until next time my friend,

-Bishop Clarence Langston

Scriptural references:

Amos 3:7

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