Do you have Faith or Fate?

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There are some things happening in your life that you have power and authority over. These things do not have power and authority over you. So why do people leave their situations up to fate? Fate is leaving things up to chance. It’s a “whatever happens, happens” kind of attitude. God has given us power through the Holy Spirit and we can use this power to change our situation. When you understand that you have the Spirit of God operating in your life you will take control of your situation. Being filled with the Power of God makes you powerful. Genesis 1:26 says God created you and me in His image and likeness because He wants us to be just like Him here on earth.

Say this: I am powerful in God!

You are more powerful than you realize and you have been given creative power. Most people never come into all that God has for them and experience what God wants to do through them because they leave things up to chance. They even chance it with God instead of walking by faith. Genesis 1:26 teaches us that God spoke into a voided place which means God’s power is in His words. Well if we’ve been created in His image, our words have the same power. Whatever you need, you have the power to decree and declare the manifestation of your needs according to the Word of God! As you stand on the Word of God you will see it come to pass according to what you’ve been saying about it. Everything I have in my life I have acquired through practicing the principles of God. You must move in faith in God’s ability!

In Romans 10:17, Paul wanted us to understand that faith comes by hearing. Faith is not something you can just reach up, grab ahold of, and suddenly feel empowered. No, you must hear about the manifestations of faith. That is why testimonies are so powerful. When you hear what God has done for someone else it encourages your faith. If you’re dealing with situations, you need to hear testimonials about similar situations. Always remember that the Word of God is your power! If you don’t have the word in you then you won’t know how or what to pray. Trust in God and ask the Holy Spirit to show you how to use your power, I promise you won’t be disappointed! This is a faith thing, don’t leave anything up to fate!


Until next time my friend,

Bishop Clarence Langston


Scriptural references:

Genesis 1:26

Romans 10:17

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