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Do You Know What the Heartbeat of God Is?

The Calling of God

Do you know what the calling of God is? Do you truly understand what salvation is and who it’s available to? John 3:17, says “God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him.” The salvation of Jesus Christ is for the world. So if God has saved you, you’re calling is to let everyone you know about Jesus and what He’s done for you. No one knows like you know the things God has done for you. Why not share the saving grace and unconditional love of your God.

The Treasure of His Heart is Souls

The reality of this life is people are hurting and living without hope. You have hope to give people! As believers we all do! Everyone won’t receive what we have to give them concerning Jesus but it is our responsibility to tell them. Didn’t someone tell you?

I think we assume that everyone knows about Jesus! We think surely the world knows about Jesus but people are really ignorant of the salvation He died to give us. This isn’t their fault, they just haven’t heard. God cares about souls, that should be the core focus of everything we do.

God sent Jesus to die for you, the prostitute, the drug dealer, the thief, the murdered, the homosexual etc. Who are we not to tell anyone because we believe their lifestyle didn’t measure up. That’s between them and God and if we’re being honest neither did our lifestyle measure up when God saved us.

We must always walk in sobriety when it comes to souls. They matter to God and they should matter to us because we believe in and love God. The word of God says the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. There are souls to be saved but you must be willing to win them at all cost!

Win the Lost at All Cost

Everywhere Jesus went He said if you see me you see my Father. It’s a blessing that we didn’t have to bear the cross that Jesus did but He did instruct us to take up our cross and follow Him. Well, how do we do this? By laying down our life for others. That means laying down our egos, differences, and perceptions of what we believe others should, say, and act.

We are here to bear the light. We are to help the lost find their way to Jesus because if they’re just looking at the world, they can’t see the way. A life with Christ is a life of love for God, self, and others.

Now that you know what God cares about more than anything else, what will you do?


Until next time friend,

Be Blessed!


Bishop Clarence Langston



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