Don’t Major in Minor Pt.1

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I can want you to see how God sees you, but it will never matter if you don’t see yourself properly in his lens; never short yourself of the image God has created you in. If you are not careful you can major in minor things, and minor in major things. Our Heavenly Father is major, and people, the church, will try to belittle him. Some churches make conferences greater than Him. People make movements greater than the God of the movement! What is often not understood is that He’s major. That’s it. No shortcuts to it. If you keep him major, all of a sudden things will not be as significant as it was in your life, because you’ll see how blinded you were by the visage of it. He can help you with the minor things in life you call major.


There are some electives in college that you have to take. Some things are major and some things are minor. What’s the difference between major and minor? One is required and one is your choice. Minor is more so your free-willed choice. When it comes to having minors in college, it has nothing to do with your major selection. The problem with a lot of people is they have too many minors trying to make them major; instead of you wanting a major, you want the minor things. Major is not something that comes easy, and it processes you to eventually accept the greater reward of a career coming out of school. Minoring will allow you to receive college credits, but you cannot graduate on those alone. It’s the same way in life, it processes you to be able to handle what God is going to do with you concerning your future! Major is the big payoff, the eternal payoff. So continue to major in major things, and God will take care of minor! Until next time my friend, be blessed.


-Bishop Clarence Langston

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