Job’s Offering

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Job was a blessed man. The bible says that there was no man in the East that was as prosperous as Job. Not only was Job prosperous but He loved, feared, and valued The Lord. Job honored The Lord so much that he would offer God sacrifices on the account of his sons and daughters. Job’s children were not living a life pleasing to God and their lives had not been sanctified. We know this because in Job 1 verse 5,” it was so that the days of their feasting were gone about that Job sent and sanctified them “, that means he set them apart before God. Well, how did Job do this? He rose early in the morning and offered burnt offerings to The Lord.

Job presented a peace offering to God on behalf of his wayward children. He was valuing his relationship with God and he understood that he was not his children’s source but that his prayers and offerings were. He did not just give God words but he added value to it. All through the bible you will always read about the offerings of men and women unto God. Job is an example of a righteous man. He diligently sought to be right with God and demonstrated the value of having a relationship with God through his offerings; as well as living a life of sanctification. It is important to sanctify yourself when you decide to live for God.

It is easy to say “I am saved” but what are we saved from if we have not sanctified ourselves from the world. The bible let us know the importance of putting God first. In Matthew 6:33 it says, “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these other things will be added unto you–that means His power, His blessings, and His grace. Everything you need to live and to survive will be given to you. Job understood this because of his relationship with God, so like any good parent he wanted his children to be blessed. However, Job knew that the only reason he was the most blessed man in the east was because of his sacrifices. He knew that his offerings had made room for his relationship with God. Allow your offerings to make room for you. Anything that leaves your hand, never leaves your world in regards to God. Trust that God can do more for you than you can do for yourself!


Say this aloud:

My offering has power and what I offer God matters! God is watching my offering because my offering, represents my heart towards Him.


Scriptural Reference:

Job 1:1-11



Until next time friend,


-Bishop Clarence Langston

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