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Keep Going! You Shall Live.

There are seasons in our life that are very peculiar and unfamiliar. The pressure, fear, and uncertainty seems to be more relevant than our faith during these times and it’s scary. I get it. We all have been through many seasons like this but I’m here to encourage you to keep moving forward!

You may be reading this and you’ve been feeling like giving up. Don’t give up and here’s why: the one who endures until the end shall win! Every trial or hardship is a fixed fight because God goes before you! I don’t know your situation and honestly, I don’t have to know it because I know that our God is bigger than any situation you may face.

Our God is so sweet and kind. He wants us to know that we’re not in this by ourselves. If you keep believing in the integrity and credibility of God, you shall see His glory concerning your situation. Be of good courage and trust it to the Lord.

Read Genesis 1:26 and let it encourage you! We are made in the image of God. Ponder that thought because it is truly mind-blowing. If we are made in His image and likeness then we must have the abilities of our Father. I think about how God created the heavens and earth by simply speaking to it. This tells me that God’s words create and manifest whatever He says, right? Well, we also have that same ability! We must use our words to propel us forward. We have to encourage ourselves!

You may be wondering how to do this and I’m going to tell you. You have to rely on the word of God no matter the circumstances of your life. You have to keep the vision, the dream, and the goal right in front of you! This is just a reminder for you to be aware of who you really are in God.

Choose God. Choose life. Choose to keep moving forward.

The Lord shall not fail you, it’s impossible for Him to do so. So, be encouraged! God is Alpha and Omega!


Until next time my friend,

Bishop Clarence Langston


Scriptural reference: Genesis 1:26

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