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Only What You Do For God Will Last

You Are An Eternal Being

God has given us His spirit. We all know that life is ever-changing and evolving. The only thing that God gives us that can stay eternally the same is our spirit, being that it was made in the image and likeness of God. How wonderful is that? This means that we must be mindful that all things outside of us shall and will pass away. Especially, when we think the souls of others. Knowing that we are eternal beings, it is our responsibility to spread the blessings of eternity with non-believers.

God Did It For You, He Wants To Do It For Them

It is time to do ministry and to know that you have a call on your life as a believer. You may not be called to do a 5 fold ministry but as a believer, you have a call to tell someone about the goodness of God. The first thing you must do is change your attitude about witnessing. Don’t let fear keep you from sharing your testimony. Remember that witnessing isn’t about you, it’s about God wanting to save souls! Scripture says that the children of the world are waiting for the sons and daughters of God to show up, it’s time to show up.

Don’t Take Things Personal

The devil wants you to be offended all the time. He’ll use people’s ignorance to discourage you but fear not! You have good news for those who are willing to accept it. You must tell the truth like the truth. Only you know what God has done for you. There’s no need to be afraid of people and their faces. When you work for God, you have to be bold! Be solid in your beliefs and don’t take things personally. Always remember that it’s not about you but it’s about the will of God! God needs witnesses.


Until next time my friend,


Bishop Clarence Langston

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