The Word of God is More Than Enough!

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Today I want to heighten your awareness of the power of The Word of God. I want you to understand if you have The Word of God on your side whatever doesn’t happen in your life is because you are not speaking The Word of God. A preacher, teacher, evangelist, prophet, or apostle can encourage you in The Word but they cannot live the principles of The Word for you. Only you have the power to do that. Many become frustrated in their Christian walk because the excitement of a preached word does not last forever. We’re reminded of the promises of God all the time but they do not come to pass because we get excited. The Word of God will come to pass when we grab a hold of it and move in faith according to the promise of God.

What is faith? Faith is now! Faith is the substance of things hoped for without any physical evidence. There will always be a part we must do in order to experience the blessings of God. Speak The Word of God and The Word only! speak it by faith believing and knowing it is coming to pass in your life. Whenever you read your Bible and you see the red writing; keep this in mind, those things spoken of have already come to pass. All you have to do is grab a hold of it by faith, believe it, receive it as truth, and apply it to your situation.

Think about this, what else do we as believers really have besides The Word of God?

The Word of God is His strategies for life. We must understand that we are not waiting for His Kingdom to come because it already has. We have authority now. We have power now. We are filled with the Holy Spirit now! We are not supposed to struggle, even if situations are not looking like what we are believing God for. The Word of God is our assurance that the promises of God shall come to pass. However, we must give The Word of God permission to operate in our lives by speaking it. The Word won’t work just because we have a need. We must work The Word.


Today, decide to be a strong Christian who is not easily influenced by the troubles of the world but instead stands of The Word of God; knowing that it is more than enough!


Until next time my friend,

-Bishop Clarence Langston


Scriptural reference:

Matthew 14:20-31

Amos 3:7


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