Victory Over False Accusations Pt. 2

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Sometimes when you are in the will of God, the enemy wants you to get out of your space so that he can mismanage the blessings and take them over. Adam was the God of this earth before He sinned; he was given the same authority that God had in Heaven. Quickly the accuser saw it. Satan desired what Adam had, which was fellowship with God. The accuser tells her, “did God really say you can’t partake of this tree?”. So when Eve comes to present Adam with what he knows is forbidden and he’s persuaded. He’s persuaded because he doesn’t just see the fruit but affected by his relationship.

Women are generally more sensitive because they were created to take things inwardly, and men are affected by what is outward. The enemy knew he couldn’t get Adam to sin against God by showing him the fruit, but it he knew the influence of Eve over him. The devil saw Adam respond to Eve in a way that was never expressed. He went, “woooooooo man!”. Could you imagine? It’s like you’re building something but you’re missing a piece that’s crucial for you. But oh! The moment you find it, you’re exhilarated! This is how wicked the enemy is, he’ll use what is holy and try to twist it to something unholy.

He knew he could not get Adam to do it, so he got his ‘wooo thang’. He tricked his wife to be able to get them both outside of the will of God. This is what happens to many people today! The enemy will put friends, family member, church members, and relationships in your life that will have an influence over you more than you realize. They will be able to say something or show you something. They may something like, did God really say that?  The enemy is always after getting you out of the will of God. He does this because unless he gets you out of the will of God, he has no accusations.

This battle that you have to fight this year to overcome accusations and temptations is between you and God. It’s sort of like your wilderness experience so to speak. This has to be a year of making up in your mind that you’re going to walk with God and live a consecrated life. Adam missed it because his love was greater for the woman, than his consecration to God.  The accusation that the enemy brought ended up becoming something that was true. And because it was true it changed the whole legacy of Adams bloodline, which means you and I are the sons of Adam, and the daughters of Eve in our physical being. God loved us so much, that he wanted to give us another try; he gave us a new inheritance in Christ Jesus.

So the bible says Jesus is the 2nd Adam. So here in the book of Matthew 4, Jesus has to be tempted and proven where Adam missed it. What you want to do in your own personal life is I knowing you’re already victorious over the accusation that the enemy is setting me up! The accuser comes because he wants you to get to a place where you are so frantic, angry, or upset about an accusation that you forget that you have the victory. You forget that you are more than a over-comer! You forget that He has already established our feet on solid ground! Where He has planted you is in Jesus, so you can’t lose if you are planted in Jesus! But if you move out of Jesus, who is the written word, you will struggle because you are trying to do something you don’t have power to do. But when you trust God, He brings you to a victory that was predestined before you were formed in your mother’s belly! This is what Jesus wanted you to see in the book of Matthew. As long as Jesus put the word back at the devil, He overcame it. He was tempted. He said it is written. He overcame it.

Once you have Jesus and a made up mind, then as you put the Kingdom of God first everything else has to shift in your favor. Until next time my friend, be blessed.


-Bishop Clarence Langston


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