Why Should I Meditate on The Word of God?

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Can I share something with you? The earth recognizes the Power of the Holy Spirit inside of us when we use it. You may be wondering, “Well Bishop Langston, how do I use that power?” The answer is simple: speak His word. God created us to be mighty and powerful but most of the time we don’t tap into that power. We can’t access it because we don’t do what’s necessary to walk in it. If you desire to come into all that God has for you, it is imperative that you spend time in your word.

The enemy doesn’t want you to know that the earth realm, the laws of the land, the laws of creation, and the material world must honor the God in you as long as it’s in His will! Everything that God created He created it to bless our life. Are you familiar of the story of Peter and Jesus, when Jesus was standing in the water and Peter asked to come where Jesus was? Peter had faith to walk on water towards Jesus and in doing so he defied natural laws but when the storm came he doubted and began to sink. This is how many of us are, we had the faith to accept the salvation of Jesus but when the storms of life come we doubt the same God we were just moving towards and we end up sinking.

God was right there with Peter in the storm so why did he doubt? Why do we doubt as if God is not before us? It’s because we don’t meditate on His Word day and night. The Word of God is our power, authority, and assurance!

I challenge you to start with 5 minutes of prayer today and be consistent throughout the week. Pick a scripture to meditate on, schedule 5 minutes out of your morning and your night to think about that scripture. When you make small changes, it helps overcome the mental resistance you usually experience when creating a new habit. Just try it and decide to spend time with your Father. I promise you won’t regret it!

Comment below and let us know what scripture you’re going to meditate on. We’d love to hear from you!


Until next time my friend,

-Bishop Clarence Langston


Scriptural Reference:

Matthew 14:20-31

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