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Stick Stand and Stay

A Guide to Coming through Any Storm

In this book, Stick, Stand and Stay, the author will teach you, equip you, and build your faith so you can know with certainty that you are already out of storms before you even get in them. You can rest in the fact that it’s not YOUR ability to get out of a storm, but rather GOD’S ABILITY, that will bring you out of whatever storm you are in.
As long as you live, storms will surge in and out of your life. We are all in one of three places: we are either heading into a storm, we are in a storm, or we are coming out of a storm. The Bible says many are the afflictions of the righteous, but God delivers us through them all, so you can rest assured that God’s got you during every storm, every battle, every trial.

Faith Unleashed

How Unquenchable Faith Can Ignite an Unstoppable Life

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a Christian for a short time, a long time, if you’re just starting your journey, or if you don’t quite believe yet—maybe you have questions about faith and God and how it all fits together in the grand scheme of life. Whatever your spiritual temperature, this book is for you! You’re going to learn about the never ending love of God, probe into God’s infallible Word, and ask questions that will take you deeper in your faith walk. And in the midst of exploring, your faith will be activated in a mighty way as you embark on an inspirational journey that will release in you a deep belief in what God is able to do and WILL do in your life.